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  • Friday, January 28, 2005

    Power Geyser

    That name doesn't really make sense, so I have to wonder why they chose it. Perhaps to confuse, or perhaps its merely an inside joke. Either way, the name itself refers to a new Special Forces unit charged with protecting the US Government. From StrategyPage:
    It was recently revealed that SOCOM (Special Operations Command) had established yet another commando unit. This one, under the code word Power Geyser, is for protecting the U.S. president and government in the event of a terrorist attack. Why another commando outfit? We already have Delta Force, the SEALs and Special Forces.. Well, since the war on terror began, the work available for Delta Force, and other SOCOM units, has greatly expanded. Not only does this create a higher work load, but also demands that Delta Force be ready to take on more different types of jobs. Commandos are effective because they are highly trained, but they cannot know everything, and be ready for anything. Traditionally, commandos would use their excellent basic military skills, and ability to quickly plan for an operation, to prepare for different types of missions. Someone in SOCOM, or the government, concluded that a terrorist attack on the White House, or other parts of the federal government, would not leave a lot of time for planning.
    There is a lot more to this than meets the eye, of course. I think that the mission Geyser will be charged primarily with is protecting Congress and the Supreme Court from a commando style terror operation. The White House is pretty easily defended, with a fairly open field of fire for at least a hundred meters around, and its off limits to most of the public. Any commando attack would give plenty of time for warning, and the Secret Service has excellent training and a fair amount of fire-power. They could probably hold their own against any attack that could be pulled off. Congress and the Supreme Court is another matter. The Capitol building is fairly open, and there are a number of roads close by. A large terrorist group, say 20 or more people, could use brute force to go through the Capitol security force and assault the building. Same with the Supreme Court. The Capitol Security would put up a fight, without a doubt, but they would not have a lot of time to react, and they don't have the firepower or training of the Secret Service. A determined foe could storm the building and get inside within a few minutes. Once inside they could do a lot of damage before serious help arrives. I suspect that Power Geyser would be situated to lead a massive response to any attack. They probably have a team on 24 hr standby , ready to go within a minutes notice. If they had a helo to take them there, it could be less than 10 minutes before they were able to counter-assault the building, assuming they are located somewhere nearby. If they have a contingent inside the Capitol, or close by, they could be there in minutes. The real problem, and the reason why Power Geyser is needed, is that the terrorists would be on a bezerker strategy. They would be looking to do as much damage as possible before they are taken out. Speed is of the essence. Also, you need a good enough team to do it quickly and properly. Hence the need for SOCOM troops.

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