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  • Thursday, February 03, 2005

    Starship Troopers

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    Heinlein must have known something, because combat Mecha aren't that far ahead into the future. Thanks to the always entertaining trying to grok, I came across a site by a former US soldier who is working on his own Powered Combat Armor.

    “Hey mister,” the kids ask. “Are you building a giant robot?”

    The private first class uses some hydraulics training he learned in the Army as a heavy equipment mechanic, but mostly loads of imagination and gumption, to build an 18-foot “mecha” in the snows of his Wasilla, Alaska, back yard.

    For those unversed in the world of Japanese anime, a mecha is a hulking robot with a human pilot inside. Owens soon plans to fire up his machine for walk testing. The 27-year-old believes his machine could fight wars, fight fires, or — at the very least — take on old Volkswagens for cheering crowds.

    “Pound for pound, it’s the most powerful exoskeleton on the planet,” Owens says.

    The rest is worth reading as well. What he has been able to accomplish with only 15,000 dollars is amazing. I don't doubt that he would use that $50 million more effectively. If someone in the military had any sense, they would get Carlos to ship his mecha to Iraq after its trial run. With some upgrades, notably armor, it could demonstrate just how useful such a machine could be. That ought to get the people over on the Hill to pay attention, and start thinking about re-allocating funds.

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