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  • Wednesday, February 23, 2005

    Women's Suffrage in Kuwait?

    Courtesy of Jane, here is some good news from Kuwait:
    KUWAIT (Agencies): Kuwait Parliament could next month view a bill granting women the right to vote, a government minister said on Tuesday. Washington has been pressing its allies in the Middle East to bring in political reforms, saying lack of freedom and democracy have fostered violent Islamic militancy inspired by the al-Qaeda network led by Osama bin Laden. Asked when the female suffrage bill would be debated, Deputy Premier and Minister of State for Cabinet and Parliament Affairs Mohammad Sharar told reporters: "I think in March, God willing."
    The rest can be found here. The willingness of the Islamist Parties to support this move indicates that things are moving forward in the kingdom, and hopefully serious political progess can be made before the end of the decade.

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