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  • Thursday, March 10, 2005


    Phase 1 Posted by Hello

    I had earlier explained that we are currently engaged in Phase 3, the breakout phase, of the WoT. Here is a very simplistic map explaining the situation just before, and starting with, Operation Enduring Freedom. This phase, Phase 1, I call the "treatment" phase. This refers to the fact that the US was "treating", or fixing the battlefield in preparation for the major battles ahead. The US attack against Afghanistan was a strategic attack, in that it was an example of territorial denial. The US wanted to deny Al Qaeda Afghanistan to use as a training center, as well as a base of operations. In a way it was the geo-strategic equivalent of strategic bombing, we were taking out much of the enemies war supporting ability so that we might be prepared to fight him in force.

    The yellow zones indicate areas of treatment. As you can see, Afghanistan is encircled to indicate that it was the centerpiece of a denial operation. However, Iraq was also the target of major, ongoing denial operations as well, through the continued attacks in the "no fly zone." These efforts weakened the Iraqi military, preventing it from fully recuperating from the '91 war. This was treatment for the 2nd phase of the WoT, which will be covered later.

    The red arrows indicate "pushes" or fronts by Al Qaeda and its sympathizers. They are meant for understanding and not accuracy, so pardon their crudeness. It is my attempt to indicate how Al Qaeda is pushing against other Gap states, and even the Core, in the hopes of spreading its ideology, and thus increasing its power, influence and authority. Note that it is pushing outwards, spreading the chaos towards even more states . This was the case up until phase 2.

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