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  • Wednesday, April 06, 2005


    Update: Looking for information on the Gomery Report? Go here.

    Apparently, I am #3 on Google for the search entry: "gomery inquiry blog american."

    Just under Instapundit and FreeRepublic. And ahead of both small dead animals and Captain's Quarters. Imagine my good fortune. Of course, since I link to Captain Ed, he can't really complain too much.

    Update 2: I intend to keep this up at the top of my blog for as long as the traffic lasts.

    Update 3: Apparently I now top Technorati when it comes to the searchword "Gomery."

    Update 4: That didn't last long...

    Update 5: I am still getting some Technorati hits, but I am also getting a fair amount of hits from Google, on a number of different things. Many are history related, but many are not. I suppose that the more posts I have, the greater the chance of traffic being directed my way. The chance increases of having words in my posts matching the words being searched for when I have more words total. Seems simple enough, but sometimes you can overlook the obvious.

    Update 6: How to Traffic W---e: Post often, with the word Gomery thrown in every odd paragraph or two. This will send Technorati hits your way. Gaming the system was never any easier. Or was it...

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