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  • Tuesday, April 05, 2005

    War... and Rumors of War

    From the eclectic bunch at Discarded Lies comes this gem, concerning Chinese intentions vis-a-vis Taiwan (hint, not good) :
    On March 14, the 10th National People's Congress of China passed the Anti-Secession Law, which gained the attention of international society. An anonymous source high inside the CCP government disclosed to the Epoch Times reporter details of a meeting between Jiang Zemin and the new preeminent leader Hu Jintao. Jiang advised Hu that attacking Taiwan is a good way to relieve all kinds of issues inside China and maintain the CCP’s power. The decision to attack does not depend on whether Taiwan claims it is independent. Prior to his stepping down from the Military Committee, Jiang also set a detailed plan of attacking Taiwan. It is not clear at this point whether Hu Jintao will execute such a strategy.

    Hong Kong Sing Pao Daily News quoted insiders on March 13 that Jiang Zemin’s advice to Hu Jintao before his resignation as China Military Committee Chairman was that “if we have to attack Taiwan, the earlier the better.” It is also reported that the book “Biography of Jiang Zemin,” written by American author Robert Kuhn, disclosed that when Chen Shuibian won the Taiwan election in 2000, Jiang Zemin instructed Cao Gangchuang to draft military strategies for attacking Taiwan. Jiang is reported to have said “if we have to take military action, the earlier the better.”

    Once again, I wish to re-iterate that I don't see an attack before the 2008 Olympics. But after that all bets are off. I am starting to suspect that the situation in China isn't as rosy as the ChiComs are maintaining, and that the country is starting to experience pains that are more than just from growth. Actually, I know things aren't as good as the PRC says they are, but I am starting to wonder just how bad they might be. Pieces like this only increase that anxiety. The worry of a Red Storm Rising or The Bear and the Dragon scenario can't be so easily dismissed as it was but a few years ago. I fear that the Chinese might seek that ever elusive hope of states falling apart: A Short, Victorious War.

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