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  • Monday, April 04, 2005


    Wretchard of The Belmont Club has discovered further evidence that his prediction of Islam absorbing the far-left is correct.

    Having adopted Islam 20 years ago, he says many of the 7,000 Spanish converts in the Almeria area are, like him, leftists who rediscovered their true Andalusian roots. "The real identity of Andalusia was crushed by Spain and the Catholic Church, which forced our grandparents to become Catholics," he says.
    That is part of the evidence. Here is some of Wretchard's take on it:
    This site has long argued that the Islam would cannibalize the Left because, with the extinction of its Bolshevik core, it has become an empty shell that is easily captured by any momentarily appealing idea. At one time the Left could use religion and social causes to advance its agenda because it was under the firm control of a revolutionary elite. The outer core of 'fellow travellers' were instructed through united fronts by a hard core of revolutionary professionals. But Apostolic Age of the Left has ended: the era of Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Ho is over. Its empty center has been taken over by the same carnival of motely fools it had such contempt and little use for: the special sexual pleaders, the environmentalists, the soft-headed clergymen
    There is more of course, and you should check it out. My own take is that he is correct. Vacuums do not last long in politics. The void caused by the bankrupting of the Left has to be filled, will be filled, and most likely some form of political Islam will fill that void. Liberal Democracy will not be able to sit pretty, content that it has achieved a political pinnacle, and that it cannot be dethroned. That is far from the truth. After Islamism is defeated, another philosophy will take its place, and another, and another. It is, so to say, the way of things. Man is a creature who has adapted to adapt, and is thus constantly in motion. While Ethics might be immobile, politics will always be fluid.

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