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  • Monday, April 04, 2005

    More Russian Meddling in the Middle East?

    Debka (once again, not always reliable) gives us this little tidbit:

    DEBKAfile’s exclusive military sources reveal Moscow has run an arms airlift to Damascus. As Assad promised UN envoy Tersen Sunday to withdraw Syrian troops from Lebanon by April 30, 20 mobile Igla-S anti-air missiles, advanced version of SA-18 Grouse were landing in Damascus.

    Our intelligence sources checking to see if missiles came with Russian anti-air radar and advanced rockets to fill the hole in Syria air defenses left by Syrian radar and intelligence units’ pull-out from Lebanon. If so, they would signal Moscow’s intent to back Assad regime against American-French steps in Lebanon.

    Given Russia's actions as of late, this doesn't really come as a surprise. With its control of Lebanon slipping, Syria is going to need foreign help to stay alive. Russia may very well supply this help, and in exchange increase its influence in the Middle East, especially important now that Iraq is no longer under the control of the Russia friendly Hussein Regime.

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