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  • Tuesday, April 05, 2005

    Election 2005

    Prime Minister Blair has called for elections in the United Kingdom to be held on May 5th.

    The Prime Minister confirmed Whitehall's worst kept secret by naming 5 May as polling day.

    Standing outside No10, he said: "I have just been to Buckingham Palace to ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament, which she has graciously consented to do."

    Mr Blair said a third term, never won by a Labour leader, was needed to entrench economic stability and invest in public services, from education, to the NHS, and to bring in new reforms.

    Things will start to rapidly head up in England, expect the election to start taking over space on this blog and many others. England, being one of our two closest allies (the other being Australia) will not doubt be watched by America's friends and enemies. A win for Blair might be taken as support for his support of the US, while if he is ditched it might be taken as rejection. Of course, if the Conservatives win, that's hardly a loss for the US, as they are just as pro-US. The real kicker will be the Liberal Democrats. If they do well they might force a coalition with Labor, which could have a negative impact on US/UK relations.

    Update: I believe that I have indicated before that I felt that any move by the US against Iran and/or Syria would be after the UK elections. That being done to help out Blair's chances. This of course means that a US strike could happen as soon as May 6th, which is interesting as a certain oxygen wasting pervert predicted a US strike by June 2005.

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