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  • Saturday, December 03, 2005

    Death From Above

    A US Predator drone made a short trip to trip to Pakistan to visit an old friend of the US, and then returned. It doesn't look like a return visit will happen anytime soon.

    Hat Tip: Threatswatch


    Once again, the US has demonstrated that careful planning and preparation , along with advanced technology, can yield significant results. This attack is significant not only because it was made by an unmanned drone launched from a nearby nation, but because it was an attack launched within the borders of a nominal US ally. I suspect that this attack was probably supported by Pakistan's government, at least tacitly. However, note that it was done by the US, and not Pakistani troops. This can indicate several things:

    1) Pakistani troops are not trusted to be able to take care of such a target themselves

    2) The target was time sensitive, and using ground troops would have taken too long

    3) The US didn't want to involve the Pakistani military in this operation at all, for fear of the target being alerted.

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