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  • Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    Game Time?

    Iran could have enough material for a nuclear bomb in 16 days.

    If something is going to happen, I suspect it will happen sooner, rather than later. Of course, having enough material to make a bomb, and having the expertise to make one, plus the materials to do so, are two different things. Plus being able to fit a weapon into a missile warhead. However, it is quite clear this is an escalation point.

    Update: The more I read this, the less clear I think the author was. I am now thinking that what is being discussed here is theory, and not fact. At the moment Iran doesn't have the 50,000 centrifuges that are mentioned as being needed to process the material for a bomb in 16 days. Rather, it is Iran's intent to be able to make a bomb in 16 days, not necessarily that they could do so now. Its a very unclear article.

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