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  • Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    Convention Target?

    I highly suspect that the DNC will not be targetted, save perhaps if Al Qaeda tries and take them out as a means of blaming Bush. Otherwise, I think it is much more likely that the RNC will be the target. Especially since it will be held in New York. Your thoughts?


    Not Necessarily Good...

    Someone found my site by Googling "Kill John Kerry." I do hope that it wasn't someone at the FBI... Does the FBI use Comcast?

    I suppose I should take the time and put up this disclaimer:

    I in no way advocate or support the assassination of John Kerry or John Edwards, or any other US public official. I am merely stating that it would be in Al Qaeda's best interests to kill those two men, so as to weaken the United States. I emphatically hope that the Secret Service will do their jobs successfuly.


    Thursday, July 22, 2004

    Al Qaeda's smartest move...

    ... is relatively easy: Kill John Kerry and John Edwards. It wouldnt' take many people, and wouldn't require the level of planning and resources of 9/11. And the effect would be just as great, if not greater. Think of it. Who will be blamed for this? Bush. Forget even if they take the guy/guys alive somehow, there will be a part of the Left which will blame Bush no matter what. The attack will be seen as the first step toward a dictatorship, and will likely lead to riots. Al Qaeda wouldn't have to do the damage themselves, American leftists would do it for them. I can think of few other things that would lead to as much havoc. Hopefully, AQ hasn't realized this yet. At least the Secret Service knows their stuff...


    I suppose I should also mention my surprise that Al Qaeda hasn't tried to assassinate Bush yet. I mean, not attempts, no nothing. At least, nothing that made the news. I would think that they would have been able to get at least 1 person close enough with a gun. Perhaps they just don't think it would be worth it. Or maybe we have been lucky thus far. Or perhaps they are intending a very sophisticated attack with much better chances of success.


    A great summary of the Arab-Israeli conflict...

    ...over at Eurabian Times.

    Go check it out.


    Monday, July 19, 2004


    Sometimes anticipation can be a good thing. We can barely contain ourselves, either with glee or something less subdued, but not less felt. This is not one of those times. I look at the world, and I see a globe in turmoil. Genocide in Sudan, terrorism in the Middle East and abroad, appeasement all over, including at home, and uncertainly the world over. A convergence is occuring, one which I can see coming, but am unable to place on the map. I can tell neither the time nor place of it, but I am sure that it is on its way. Events are collecting, concentrating, organizing themselves in a fashion that leaves no doubt that we are building toward something, what that is exactly lies beyond my sight. Perhaps it is the coming American Presidential Election. Perhaps all over the events of the past four years, or fourteen, if you wish, are going to focus on one single event that will define them for generations to come. Perhaps that convergence will come later, but if so, where?

    I anticipate uncertainty. Quantum Mechanics tells us that uncertainty is a fact of life, if you can call uncertainty a fact. There is no such thing a "sure thing." This applies to both the sub-atomic and macro-atomic level. Who will win the US presidential election, Bush or Kerry? How large will the margin be? If Bush wins, can he hope to get enough votes to hope for some legitimacy in the eyes of the American people? And that is merely uncertainty about one specific part of an election. Will the GOP retain controll of Congress? Will it be split, or will the Democrats regain both House and Senate? And then there are our allies abroad. Will Tony Blair make it? Will we lose any more allies, will more back down, and try and appease our foes? And then there is the uncertainty of Iraq, coupled with uncertainty about terror at home. It is an uncertain world.

    I anticipate fear. There is much to fear in the world. There is little doubt that Al Qaeda has given up its objectives of hurting the United States. The question is, when will they pull off another successful strike within the US? I dare say that it would be overly optimistic to ask if they will be able to pull another off. The potential of such an attack is unkown, so what exactly should we fear? Conventional, or chemical, biological or nuclear attack? What will happen with Iraq? Will things get better, or will our worst fears be realized, and the country spiral out of control? FDR may have told us that all we have to fear is fear itself, but that is still no easy task. There are many fearmongers out there, and some of the worries are justified.

    I anticipate conflict. The election is almost certainly going to end up disputed, save perhaps one of the candidates wins in an unanticipated blowout. That conflict could easily lead to riots in the streets. I don't think it would end with a civil war, but that doesn't mean that things wouldn't become disastrous. Iraq is always a source of conflict, and it doesn't appear that it will cool down anytime soon. North Korea is always out there, as crazy and dangerous as ever. Iran represents a possible threat; when will their nuclear aims be achieved? What will we be willing to do in order to thwart those aims? How far are we willing to go? The Israeli-Arab conflict is always there, and shows no signs of going away. Other conflicts could flare, especially if the United States finds itself occupied with domestic problems or a major crisis in one specific spot.

    I anticipate many things, and few of them are good.


    Sunday, July 18, 2004


    I should be able to blog some more tomorrow, I have a fair amount to talk about.


    Wednesday, July 14, 2004

    A post-election prediction...

    I believe that there will be riots if President Bush is re-elected. They may be small, but there will be riots. Even if it is a total blowout. Dean Esmay links to a post by Michele explaining the actions planned for the Republican National Convention. I think that anything planned for the RNC will pale to what a Bush re-election would generate from the Left. I wouldn't be surprised if parts of some Liberal bastion cities will be closed off for a few days. I wouldn't be surprised if people died, in fact. I am rather afraid of what will happen, to tell the truth. Even if only .1% of the adult population will join in, that is over 100,000 people. Expect the usual news media groups to be sympathetic, and expect them to provide plenty of excuses. The future is not certain, but I do feel certain that it holds unpleasant events ahead.


    Sunday, July 11, 2004

    Lots to cover...

    and little time to do it. I have been extremely busy since getting back, and thus have had no time for blogging. I will try and address some of the major topics as quick as I can.

    Edwards: A sound choice, and I believe one I predicted a while back. I suppose I will have to read over some of the blogs I frequent in the archives to see if my memory is correct. Edwards did the least damage to the Dem ticket, which is probably the best you can hope for in a VP candidate. However, it says a lot about the Democratic party that it can produce a single qualified minority candidate for the position. They would have done best to choose either a woman or a minority, instead of two rich white guys(no different than the GOP, unless of course Cheney chooses not to run). Speaking of Cheney, if I were Bush I would drop him and replace him with Gulianni. No real new negatives, and a fair number of positives. Some of the other good choices, such as Condi or Watts, wouldn't run.

    Transfer of Sovereignty: early, much as a expected. Nothing really critical there yet. The big test will be another Fallujah or if Sadr causes more trouble. Will Iraqi troops fight under an Iraqi government? Or will they fight Iraqis, period? The threat of clan retaliation is quite ever-present. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if early elections were held. Perhaps in October?

    Israel: Nothing really new, save an attack in Tel Aviv. The real test will be when the wall is nearly finished. Expect no stops to be pulled in order to prevent its completion.

    I can't think of anything else at the moment, so until next time people.


    Friday, July 09, 2004

    I Have Returned

    Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, I am glad to say. And apologies to Samuel Clemens. Sorry for the prolonged absence, but reality intruded. My ISP left me bereft of the Internet for many a day, and I was forced to leave for a rather long trip before it was restored. I have just returned, and hope to resume blogging tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who actually went to the trouble to see if I had returned at some point. I should have a few interesting things to say because of all of this.

    I will try and address comments tomorrow.

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