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  • Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    Deep Strike Into the Bekka Valley

    A helicopter raid into the Bekka Valley by the IDF took place earlier today. Both YNet and Haaretz have info. A couple of important points to make:

    1) Hizb'allah's stock of SAMs must be fairly low, otherwise Israel probably wouldn't have launched this attack. Choppers, especially transport ones, are fairly vulnerable to MANPADs, and thus Hizb'allah must have been felt to have possessed few, or had lost the few it had. No word yet on any Israeli helo losses.

    2) This attack was apparently aimed to capture/kidnap a major Hizb'allah official. The fact that they aimed to capture him indicates that either Israel hoped to trade him for their kidnapped soldiers, or to pry him for information. Could be both

    3) This was a high risk operation. A lot could have gone wrong, and casualties could have been high. Israel's talk about exanding the ground war doesn't seem to be bluster, they seem to have the political will to continue on and press harder.

    4) This operation could also have been a quasi-training mission, as preparation/practice for the possible rescue of the two kidnapped Israeli soldiers, though I find that unlikely.

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