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  • Sunday, July 23, 2006

    The Bekka Valley

    Hello, if you are reading this then in all likelihood you haev been directed here by Google or another search engine. As my site has been put near the top of hits for "Bekka Valley" by Google, I have decided to try and help them out in this regard. Due to the nature of the name, Bekka Valley can be spelled multiple ways. Either Bekaa Valley, or Bekkaa Valley, or even Bequaa Valley, depending on the language of the translator, and their personal inclination. All, however, describe the same place. Below you will find some links, as well as some content, about the Bekka Valley.

    Here is a link that takes you to a map of Lebanon which includes the Bekka Valley. This map is somewhat more cluttered, but gives you a better idea of the the distances involved.

    The Bekka Valley is a valley between two sets of mountains, the Lebanon Mountains, which are fully inside Lebanon, and the Anti-Lebanon Mountains, which straddle the border between Syria and Lebanon.

    The reason why the Bekka Valley is such an issue today is because of the current conflict being waged in the Middle East between Israel and Hizb'allah, which is Arabic for the Party of Allah (G-d). The Bekka Valley represents the hub of Hizb'allah strength militarily. The majority of infrastructure for Hizb'allah is located there, along with many of its active fighters. While South Beruit is the political center of Hizb'allah, its center of gravity is perhaps more inclined to be found in the Bekka Valley, as Hizb'allah's political strength comes due to its military strength. It is currently more powerful than the actual Lebanese Army, which has resulted in a phenomena indicative of a failed state, namely that of a "state-within-a-state." Hizb'allah is not bound by any Lebanese authority, and as it is not, de jure, a state itself, it is also not bound by international law which is based on the hundreds year old Westphalian System. Because of its geographic position straddling the Lebanese/Syrian border, the Bekka Valley represents the location where the majority of arms transfers from Iran and Syria to Hizb'allah take placeThere is some thought among political and military analysists that any effort to destroy or diminish Hizb'allah is doomed to failure unless Hizb'allah is decisively attacked inside the Bekka Valley, and its military assets and infrastructure destroyed. However, the Valley itself lies scores of miles inside Lebanon, and thus requires a major incursion to reach, which means any drive by Israeli forces would likely require many days to undertake.

    Update: Apparently a major Israeli operation into the Bekka (Bekaa?) Valley is underway. The Wiki for the Bekka Valley can be found here. Not much to it, truth be told.

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