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  • Friday, July 28, 2006

    Precious Resources

    Wretchard's latest post examines the issue of a temporary cease fire, and what usefullness it might provide. His conclusions:
    1. All children, elderly men, women and identifiable noncombatants should be given safe passage out of the area after passing a security checkpoint to be jointly manned by the UNIFIL and the IDF. Any individual who is suspected of being a combatant can be placed in joint custody and removed to a detention facility inspected by the Red Cross or some similar institution. He will remain there until his any doubts over his status can be resolved.
    2. The UN should establish a refugee processing camp on the cleared side of the security checkpoint where food, water, medical attention etc can be provided to whoever needs it. It should be the policy of the UN to temporarily evacuate the combat zone to prevent further loss of life, in accordance with the principle that populations should be removed from the path of natural or manmade disasters whenever possible and returned only when it is safe.
    In short, use a ceasefire to get all of the civilians out of the way. Sure, Hizb'allah will be able to dig in, and probably resupply, reorganize and rest. However, the Israeli's can use the opportunity to help themselves politically, if not militarily. This plan is moot, of course, because Hizb'allah has found that civilians are a precious resource for them. Not to keep alive, or to protect, but to die at the hands of the Israelis. I doubt, and Wretchard doubts, that Hizb'allah will let this resource go.

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