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  • Monday, January 24, 2005

    I would trust Iran more than the neo cons sitting in Washington.

    That lead off comes from this post on LGF, which displays to the world the appalling ignorance and/or anti-Americanism that pervades the world. It is maddening to read.

    Given a choice I would trust Iran more than the neo cons sitting in Washington. Iran has never in the past given any indication that it had any aggressive intent towards any of its neighbouring countries. And it has reasons to be worried about its security with neighbours like Israel and Iraq where more than a 100,000 US troops are based.
    R. Venugopal, Delhi, India

    The Iranians would be crazy to abandon their nuclear programme. In the end the world would be a safer place and there would be greater justice, if powers are balanced in the Middle East. I personally hope they get their nukes.
    Jose R. Pardinas, Miami, USA

    Iran has every right to defend itself. The USA has already hinted that it has plans to invade so what option does Iran have other than to develop the weapons necessary for its defence against an unprovoked attack by superpower?
    Peter, Welwyn, England

    Future generations, if there are any, will ask how people could have believed such nonsense. I do not think they will find an answer to their liking. The rest can be found here.

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