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  • Tuesday, January 25, 2005

    The Phony War...

    ...between Evolution and Faith, courtesy of Austin Bay. A brief excerpt from the article:

    Ken Miller is an interesting guy. He is co-author of the nation's best-selling biology textbook. It was on his book, "Biology," that schools in Cobb County, Ga., slapped a sticker casting doubt on its discussion of evolution theory. And it was this sticker that a federal judge recently ordered removed because it endorsed religion. Miller, who testified against the label, gets a lot of hate mail these days.

    But Miller is also a practicing Roman Catholic. "I attend Mass every Sunday morning," he said, "and I'm tired of being called an atheist."

    There is a lot more to it, and if you have any interest in the subject I suggest you check it out.

    Update: A good site is linked in the article, that of the ASA.

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