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  • Saturday, February 04, 2006

    The Situation in Europe

    By all accounts, events in Europe and the Muslim World are not yet cooling down. Burning an embassy in Syria is probably only just the beginning. I am, however, optimistic. Like Wretchard, I worried that the troubles in Europe would ignite later, when they would be more difficult to put out. That being not the case, I believe that the European people and leadership will come out of this, if not for the better, at least no worse than they were before. Indeed, I rather suspect that many Europeans who didn't believe the Muslims in the midst to be a threat are quietly re-evaluating the situation. I do not think that this will be "the big event". It is, however, the harbinger of things to come. The Lines are starting to clear up, and soon we will be able to tell which players are which.

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