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  • Saturday, February 05, 2005

    Russian Diplomacy

    I was immediately suspicious when I heard reports about the death of Georgian Prime Minister Zurab, especially when the death was an "accidental gas leak." Given what happened to Yushenko, and Russia's past history for such affairs, not to mention Putin's background, it didn't take me long to suspect Russian foul play. Now, courtesy of TigerHawk, I learn that another Georgian politician is dead:
    A Georgian official who was a political associate of Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania, who died apparently of carbon-monoxide poisoning this week, has committed suicide, police said today.

    Georgy Khelashvili, 32, was found dead at his home Friday night of a gunshot wound, said Tbilisi police official Irakli Pirkhalala.

    Khelashvili was a member of the presidential commission on pardons. He also was a member of Zhvania’s United Democrats political bloc.

    Pirkhalala said Khelashvili shot himself with a hunting rifle that he had borrowed from a neighbour on the pretext of taking a hunting trip. He left a note asking for forgiveness, Pirkhalala said, but did not give further details of the note’s contents.
    Perhaps it is all a coincidence, but my gut tells me that Russia might be involved. Putin's actions in Ukraine have convinced me that he is not a well-intended guy, and I must now acknowledge that when it comes to Russian diplomacy, I am going to assume guilty until proven innocent.

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