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  • Friday, March 11, 2005

    Good News

    I have decided to dedicate this post to good news.

    First up, it looks like the next Star Wars movie won't be fore kids. This brings such joy to my heart, short lasting though it may be. The first two prequels were far too "kidsy", and suffered greatly for it. Hopefully this last one does it right. We must all hold onto some dreams, after all.

    Then we move back to Lebanon/Syria. Debka, who appears to have fairly good at intel work close to Israel, at least at the moment, is reporting this:
    Syrian Kurds poised for massive demonstrations backed by US and Iraqi Kurds to mark first anniversary of their “Kamishli uprising.” More Syrian opposition factions expected to join protest.
    Hopefully this pans as out, as we need to keep as much pressure on Syria as possible.

    More later as I find it.

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